No Smart Meters In Nova Scotia


In October 2017 NS Power quietly announced that they would be installing Smart Meters in all homes and businesses in Nova Scotia in 2019. Maybe you didn't hear about it. Not many did. Since then I have been trying to learn as much as I can about them. What I have learned is disturbing and needs to be understood by all Nova Scotians. Read on and get informed, then you can decide what you want to do about it. NS Power contacted me and sent 2 representatives to change my mind about smart meters. They almost did until I discovered what they were hiding from me. I have been in constant contact with those representatives. Read on.

What Are Smart Meters?

They are an electric meter that is essential to a smart grid. They send pulses with information about your power usage back to headquarters for analysis and billing and eliminate meter reading. They use radio frequency for transmitting, the same as your cell phone or microwave.

The idea is to save money by eliminating meter readers and maintain control of the power grid. However, there is a whole lot of things these meters do that are of no benefit to the consumer and are in fact harmful. Read on and find out what NSPI will not be telling you.

Enclosed here is a very good site that explains in detail what smart meters are and what they do.

What Are Analog Meters?

What Are Analog Meters? These are the type that have been in use for a long time. They are mechanical and have a disc that goes around. They have a long life , don't catch fire, and produce no RF or dirty electricity radiation. Electricity usage is read from a mechanical system like an odometer. They are no longer being made. NS Power has been replacing them with digital meters. Right now 50% or more of Nova Scotian households have a digital meter. These meters are read by meter readers the same as the analogs.

Because of awareness generated by this website many people that have had their analog meters replaced by digital meters have requested that NS Power give them an analog back.

Some People Have been given analogs and others they give a hard time and refuse. They don't want you to have one. They may tell you they can't get them anymore. That is a lie. They have them. Call NSP at 1-800-428-6230 and tell them you don't want their cheap plastic radiating trash and want a 100% metal analog.

If NSP changes it's mind and won't give you one go here to get one.

Buy Your Analog Meter Here | Stop Smart Meters!

Beware of Stealth meters. These are meters that look like an analog with a disc that spins but are actually smart meters in disguise. It seems that the Power corps. will stop at nothing to deceive the customer. A true analog has a 100% metal frame that can be seen through the glass. A fake has a plastic housing that hides the transmitter, or the circuit board is visible depending on brand.

What Are Digital Meters?

A digital meter uses no motors or mechanical parts. It has circuit boards, and readout is digital. The brands installed by NS Power are Itron, Elron, GE, Landis-Gyr and Schneider, with the Itron being most used. If you have an electric thermal storage system in your home then you have an ABB Time-of-use meter, which is also digital. These must be read by a meter reader. All digital meters have a "switch mode power supply", or SMPS device. This SMPS device is used to create DC current to run the digital component of the meter. Unfortunately it takes power to run the SMPS device. It also produces "transient Voltages" which it inserts into your power supply. On an oscilloscope it appears as a very jagged line superimposed on the nice smooth sine wave produced by the 60 cycle AC current. These transient voltages mixed with your house current are called "dirty electricity". They cause a very unhealthy form of EMF radiation to be spread in your house using the wiring in your house as an antennae. Even a small home has hundreds of feet of wires in the walls, meaning that people are being irradiated everywhere in the home, not just near the meter as is the case with RF radiation from smart meters.

The Itron meter can be converted quickly to a smart meter by the addition of a module. If you have an Itron you will never know what you have as it can be turned on or off from the main office. You really do not want an Itron. By the end of 2019 NSP hopes to have all persons in NS equipped with an Itron, Open Way Riva.

The Dangers and Negative Impacts of Smart Meters

RF Radiation (Microwaves)

NS Power claims the impact from RF radiation will be minimal. They claim the new generation of meter will send fewer signals than the older ones. If you do a search on the internet you will find nobody that agrees with that opinion, and there are lots of articles and videos on You Tube that disagree. RF radiation may in fact not be the big problem with the new generation of smart meters.

Dirty Electricity

Here is another big problem. All Digital and Smart meters contain a device called a "Switching Mode Power Supply" (or SMPS for short). It takes the nice clean power supply as it arrives from the pole and turns it into "Dirty Electricity". Electricity when plotted travels in sine waves with nice smooth loops as it alternates (AC Current). The SMPS device adds transient voltages and makes dirty electricity. This dirty electricity produces a nasty form of EMF radiation. The wires in your house act as an antenna to broadcast the radiation. Most houses may have 1,000 feet or more of wire going everywhere, insuring that people are surrounded by the radiation from dirty electricity. Find out more here, or search "dirty electricity" and find out for yourself what the power corps won't tell you and prefer that you not know.

Critical Problem With Smart Meters SMPS

Dangers and Impact of non-smart Digital Meters

Unfortunately for the consumer, all digital meters have the same SMPS device as smart meters. While these meters do not produce RF radiation, they do produce large amounts of radiation from dirty electricity.

Health Problems

Your body runs on electricity. The incredible computer inside your skull runs on electricity. All of the messages to and from your brain are also electrical impulses sent along the wires we call nerves. Bombarding our systems with radiation and electrical impulses that we cannot see, feel or taste has been taking a toll on society. Many health problems we have may be linked to RF radiation as well as radiation from dirty electricity. There are many independent studies that have been done showing results. Don't take my word for it. Do your own search on dirty electricity and smart meters.

"Do you suffer from any of these common illnesses and ailments, which have all been shown to be associated with radiation from dirty electricity WIFI and RF radiation?"

  • Senility and Dementia
  • Parkinson's
  • Cancer
  • Autism
  • Fatigue
  • Headaches
  • Sleep disruptions
  • Altered memory function.

Sleep disturbance is one thing that people notice most often right away after smart meters are installed. Lack of sleep leads to lack of concentration and other health problems. A person becomes more vulnerable to whatever colds or flu is going around, as their immune system becomes stressed. Other problems, like cancer may take longer to develop as exposure continues over time. Don't take my word on this. Do a search. There a loads of studies and reports out there, and no trouble to find them.


NS Power claims they will not reveal information gathered about your power usage to 3rd parties unless legislated to do so. To think that they will keep that promise may be wishful thinking. Here is a link that will tell you about the Orwellian surveillance potential of smart meters. Bill Bathgate, Electrical Engineer also confirms, as do others, that this new technology does in fact have the ability to identify what is being used when, and is not just a measure of power consumed for billing purposes. If you are foolish enough to purchase a smart TV or other so-called smart devices, the potential for surveillance and control multiplies. The future is here. Don't take my word for it. Do your own research.

Smart Meters Surveillance Device Spying On Your Home

Web vulnerability

Since smart meters send and receive signals using RF radiation, like a cell phone, apparently they are hackable. I am not aware of an instance where this has happened, but hacking is a concern that many have who understand how the technology works.

Increased Costs

In other jurisdictions that have smart meters power costs have soared. They have doubled and tripled. NS Power representatives that I have met with me have told me the same will not happen here. People were told the same in other places. Time will tell. Since they seem willing to let people live with dirty electricity and RF radiation to achieve their goal of a smart grid. Since they claim their meters are safe, and all evidence points in a different direction, I don't think they can be trusted on costs either. In Ontario people were told the cost of switching to smart meters would be 1 billion. It turned out to be 2 billion. These meters also have a short life compared to analogs and it will be necessary to replace them every 7-15 years. Ontario Hydro is charging double and more for power to cover “unforeseen costs”. New Brunswick Power was denied it's application to install smart meters in 2018 because of the unworkability of their financial plan. Everywhere they are permitted it seems that flawed financial plans have been used and rates went way up to cover costs.

Catching Fire

Since the new meters have circuit boards, and are made of plastic they are susceptible to burning out with power surges. In many cases they have caught fire and have set fire to siding on homes. NS Power claims that that vulnerability has been fixed. Possibly it has, but this newer generation of smart meters still use circuit boards and SMPS devices, and have not been in use long enough to be proven to be problem free. NS Power does not want to assume liability for damages that might result. They will only assume responsibility if it can be proven that the meter was the cause of the fire and will not be liable if it is the meter base. It will be difficult to determine the cause in a destroyed meter. Note also that none of these meters have UL approval. Why do you suppose that is? I suggest it is because they do not want the UL approval on something that they cannot guarantee will be safe. In other jurisdictions where fires have started, power corps have refused to be liable. I suppose it works that if you can't prove it was their meter then they are not liable. Innocent until proven guilty.

Avoiding Installation

Opting Out

Nova Scotia Power is allowing people to opt out of getting a smart meter. The Nova Scotia Utility and Review Board has told NSP that they may charge customers a fee for opting out, not to exceed $4.00 per month. Nova Scotia Power is planning to do that, even though they will only be reading opt out meters 2 times a year, and estimating usage for the bi-monthly bills. They had asked the Utility and Review board for $12 per month but were refused. To opt out send an email to this address:

State your name, home address, and your account number. Tell them you want to opt out of the smart meter program. They should send you a reply indicating that they have received your request. Print it and keep it, and put a sign by your meter indicating that you have opted out, just in case somebody forgets.

You might think that NS Power has to ask you if you want a smart meter. They do not. In late 2017 NSP made a public announcement about intent to smart meter all of Nova Scotia. The fact that nobody heard about it is not a problem legally. They did do it, but very quietly. There is a legal term called "Tacit agreement" or "Agreement by Acquiescence". What those terms mean is that having made a public announcement, that unless you disagree, then you have agreed. That means that unless you request to "opt out," then you have automatically opted in. It is a bit sleazy. It may not be moral, but it is legal. It means that when they are ready, they will just come and change your meter without asking your permission, or activate the one you have. If you have an Itron meter you may have a smart meter that is waiting to be activated on your house already. Some Itrons can be upgraded to a smart meter with the addition of a module. The Itron Open Way Riva is the model that is preferred by NSP as the smart meter to be used.

The Utility and Review Board has told NSP that they must inform customers before installing smart meters, and has given them permission to do so in 2019. NSP has told me they plan to make the change in the latter part of 2019. I suspect that that means that they will spend all of 2019 installing smart meters that are not activated to communicate. Then when they are ready, make the announcement and very soon before people can ask questions, pull the switch and activate all meters except opt outs. Opting in will always be an option, and very simply done with a click of the mouse.

Unless you have a good old reliable analog meter (electromechanical) like what has been used and proven to be durable, reliable and accurate, then you will never know what you have. They have been in use for 100 years. If you have one, demand to keep it. If you don't have one, ask for one. NSP will tell you they can't get them anymore. They can. They have relented and given back analogs to many people already. They are getting so many requests for analogs they are changing their minds now and resisting. There are places where you can get your own. Remind them of that.

Nova Scotia Legislature Member Profiles.


Here is a rather drastic measure if all else fails. This dude goes a bit far. I definitely don't recommend opening the meter base and using bolts to attach a hasp, but using short sheet metal screws should be no problem. This would be a last ditch effort if we fail to stop the thing from happening for those hard core rebels who don't give up easily. Let us set this idea aside for now, and focus on encouraging NS Power to do the right thing and hold off on installing any smart meters until they can locate meters with no SMPS device or that have filters installed. Locking Your Electric Meter to Prevent Smart Meter Installation.

Locking Your Electric Meter to Prevent Smart Meter Installation.


I think advertising is the key. I am sending this website by email to everybody I know in NS and to some people I don't know. I am not on Facebook, but know that is a great way to move information around. I am counting on those of you who are on Facebook to help us here. I would like to encourage some of you who have the means to do so to help with advertising. Use your imagination, or ask for help. I have a lot of ideas on that topic.

Contact Us

I am interested in hearing from people who would like to be kept informed of changes as they happen . People send me information which I re-distribute. I have 2 contact lists. “Activists” I communicate with using cc so that they can communicate with each other to form action groups. “Curious Ones” I communicate with using BCC so they can remain anonymous but keep informed.

It is my hope that we can eventually attract a pro-bono lawyer or two and people willing to share costs related to a class action suit. I have little hope that this will happen until people start getting their new smart bills and some people start getting sick with mysterious illnesses that seem to have started after getting their new meters.

I can be contacted at:


I am not an expert on electricity, power distribution, radiation or law. I have been trying to get myself educated on these things, beyond the basics that I had before starting my study in January 2017. What I have learned I have learned with the help of Uncle Google and Aunty You-Tube. I have included a few links to You tube videos here. There is no disputing that there are a lot of very unhappy people out there who are trying to warn others faced with the same threat how to defend themselves. I was not able to find one article where people say how pleased they are with their new smart meters. If you follow some of the links you will see all sorts of other videos that are similar. Don't take my word for these claims. Check for yourselves.

- Peter Ripple, Liverpool, N.S. -

Supplemental Information

Here is what Michigan thinks about smart meters.

Bill Bathgate, Electrical Engineer has analyzed 2 of the meters currently in use by NS Power. Since NS Power claims it's smart meters will be safe, then why are they willing to give you meters that are not, and will become your "OPT out meter if you have one now."

Landis Gyr -

And if you are still with me, here is a medley of places to have a look. Check out this very informative document: (pg 20 useful life of meters)

Lloyds of London Insurance EXCLUSION (electromagnetic wireless etc)(see pg 8) InsuranceAEWordingCanada.pdf
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